The India Chapter will serve as a link between CEIBS alumni in India and the school, and act as the first point of contact for exchange students and professors who travel to India; alumni moving to, or wanting to do business in, India; as well as alumni associations of other business schools in India.
The Chapter will also work on strengthening CEIBS' alumni network in India by regularly facilitating and organizing inter-chapter communication and activities; hosting alumni anniversary reunion and promoting communication among alumni. Members will also support CEIBS' activities in India, including info-sessions, recruiting activities, conferences, and MBA tours and provide input during the CEIBS Alumni Association's annual selection of distinguished alumni.
CEIBS' alumni network now includes more than 30 graduates with Indian nationality. While some work in other countries such as China, the Netherlands and Singapore, they will focus the Chapter's efforts on their home country.

India Chapter Council Members 

Honorary President
 Velamuri, S. Ramakrishna
 Professor of Entrepreneurship
Chairman (also handles Hyderabad events)
 Raja Sekhar UPPUTURI
 Kriya Media Solutions Pvt Ltd
Vice chairman (also handles Delhi events)
 Raghuram KS
 Arvid Nilsson
 Director Business Development
Secretary-General (also handles Mumbai events)
 Abhijit CHITNIS
 Software Engineer
Communications Officer (also handles Bangalore events)
 Genpact India
Events Officer   (also handles Chennai events)
 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
 Project Technical Lead

Contact persons:

Raja Sekhar UPPUTURI, Chairman of India Chapter, MBA07 at