Programme Background

The global political and economic landscapes are undergoing profound changes, propelled by a new round of industrial revolution that is gaining momentum and a range of emerging technologies that are producing a far-reaching impact. Considering new missions and challenges, business leaders, well-versed in business theories and practices, can gain insights into the future, drive knowledge creation, and contribute their wisdom to business progress and social well-being only by continually broadening their horizon and pushing their intellectual boundaries.

Committed to its vision and mission and based on its wealth of experience in management education, CEIBS (Switzerland) has launched the DBA Programme. Packed with diverse modules and rigorous practice-based research, the DBA Programme is designed to help business leaders gain an interdisciplinary perspective, sharpen innovative thinking, keep abreast of global changes, and grasp business opportunities, and to inspire them to aim above and beyond business success.


Core Value

Knowledge: The DBA programme is a doctoral programme of applied business research that combines rigorous academic education with extensive business practice, immersing students in evidence-based research on real business problems in a variety of modules.

Insights: The DBA programme is designed to provide business executives and key policymakers with a big picture view, a solid academic grounding, and research skills required to delve into the nature and origin of emerging management practices and business models, and to shape the global economy.

Action: Compared with many academic Ph.D. programmes, the DBA programme focuses more on business topics and bridges academic theory and business practice across a variety of disciplines, with a view to inspiring students to contribute original business ideas that may shape the global business policy and landscape.


  • Postgraduate degree or above.
  • More than 12 years of work experience in senior executive positions or key decision-making positions.

Class Size

  • 30-50

Programme Structure


Core Modules


CEIBS' Stellar Faculty Team

The DBA Student Advisor team is composed of CEIBS' stellar faculty.

  • More than 70 full-time professors represent 18 countries and regions around the world, with international faculty accounting up to 59%.
  • CEIBS featured prominently in Elsevier's "2020 Highly Cited Chinese Researchers" list on the category of "Business and Management", with nine faculty members making the list. Previously, CEIBS faculty had topped the list in the category of "Business, Management and Accounting" for six consecutive years.
  • The Global Platform of China Cases (, initiate by CEIBS, collected 2,500 cases, which has been widely adopted by business schools worldwide, and incorporated into the three major international business case libraries, namely, Harvard Case Library, Ivey Publishing and European Case Clearing House. 


Target Students

The DBA programme will bring together a group of business executives and key policymakers with diverse backgrounds, outstanding achievements, and a thirst for knowledge. Erudite and persistent, they are committed to using evidence-based decision-making to advance business and social progress.

Their academic achievements have brought benefits to related industries, business fields, and the whole society.


Application Process


The DBA Degree

After having met all academic requirements and completed an original dissertation with substantive knowledge contribution to business or policymaking under the guidance of their supervisor, students will be awarded the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree by CEIBS (Switzerland). 




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